Arise, Awake, Stop not until your goal is achieved.       "Swami Vivekanand"

If muscles of iron and nerves of steel is what we need for the process of nation building then the only possible resource is THE YOUTH. If we want to ensure a bright future for our country, we first need to strengthn and empower our youth.

We, at Acharya Vatsalya have taken up this herculean task to mould the souls of the future with stainless steel and fill them with the purest forms of energy, achievement of which is only possible through channelized education. Our primary motto is to provide every youth of the society the best form of education. Since the youth forms the core of the society and the nation, we are engaged in an act of architecture. ”The architecture of creating a reformed society for a mighty nation ”. We are trying to push the country ahead of its dreams towards a path of realization of aspirations.

Let’s together put an effort to redeem the glory of this nation and realize that the centuries old fame that it enjoyed be replenished with full splendor. Let’s reclaim India’s JAGAT GURU status in our hearts and spread it world wide.